Trevor Binford

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Trevor’s interests lie in the areas of electrochemistry (especially energy storage) and surface science. His current research focuses on the degradation of Li-ion batteries, examining how the cathode-electrolyte interface changes with charging and discharging. The main technique for this work is X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), particularly in-situ and operando methodologies. Previously, Trevor has worked on electrochemical carbon capture, examining carbon-based supercapacitors for capturing carbon dioxide.

After growing up in the US (in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas), Trevor moved to the UK for university. He completed a BA at Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 2019, studying Natural Sciences with a focus on chemistry. He then undertook an MPhil at Pembroke College, Cambridge, researching supercapacitors for CO2 capture under the supervision of Alex Forse and finishing in 2021.

After completing the MPhil, he joined the Energy Materials Interface group at Oxford as a DPhil student in 2021. Beyond research, Trevor enjoys climbing, reading (both literary and fantasy novels), and quizzing (having applied many times to University Challenge without getting on the programme).






Rex Richards Building, Department of Materials,
University of Oxford, 
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3RQ, UK