Lijin An

lijin 2

Lijin's research mainly focuses on the charge compensation mechanisms in Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), layered cathode materials especially, and how their structures change during lithiation and delithiation processes. More specifically, in measuring the x-ray absorption and emission spectra of operando LIBs during charge and discharge to probe the electronic structures. In addition, quantum mechanical simulations are used to predict the structural and electronic properties of various types of cathode materials at different state of charge, which are compared to experimental results. Lijin's work intends to provide a better understanding of charge compensation mechanisms for layered cathode materials in LIBs and to verify the applicability of the simulation method by building a bridge between experimentally measured spectra and theoretical predictions.

Lijin joined the group and started as a DPhil student in 2021. She graduated from Imperial College London in 2020 with an MRes degree in Nanomaterials where she worked on a project exploring the electronic properties of defective graphene-based 2D heterostructures. Her major was Materials Science and Engineering and her undergraduate lab experience at Wuhan University of Technology focused on photocatalysis.

Lijin is always excited about trying new things. Among all the intriguing activities, she is most passionate about cinema and enjoys stage play, reading and hiking.






Rex Richards Building, Department of Materials,
University of Oxford, 
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3RQ, UK