Joshua Gibson

Joshua Gibson

Josh has an interest in utilising surface science and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) techniques to understand fundamental problems, in turn finding solutions to real world issues. He is currently working on developing UHV compatible electrochemical cells to allow the surfaces involved in battery science (such as the electrode – electrolyte interfaces) to be studied whilst the cell is being charged or discharged. Through developing new methods to study these buried layers an understanding of these surface processes can lead to better battery design, leading to more efficient electrical energy storage. His prior experience in X-ray based spectroscopies and in developing UHV compatible experiments is being utilised in this current project. Previously Josh has been involved in projects that have encompassed research topics including X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ionic liquids, electrochemical decomposition, small molecule capture, X-ray standing waves and molecular self-assembly.

Josh joined our group in November 2019 to perform ultra-high vacuum (UHV) studies on battery surfaces during their operation as part of the Faraday characterisation project. He attained his PhD from the University of Nottingham by looking at the interaction of small molecules with ionic liquids utilising UHV techniques. This involved both laboratory based experiments as well as use of external facilities (Diamond Light Source). Following this he held a teaching position within the School of Chemistry at Nottingham, before moving to the University of Birmingham to investigate the effect of electrical potentials on the formation of biologically relevant surfaces. Josh spent his childhood and teenage years growing up and working on farms, so consequently enjoys visiting the nearby Cotswolds and Chilterns to go walking in the countryside. On rainy days he enjoys playing guitar or learning new skills with any spare time.

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