Greta Thompson

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Greta’s research is hoping to reveal the impact of vibration on degradation in lithium-ion batteries. To do this she will be focusing on investigating changes to the composition and structure of the electrode interphase layers in NMC811-graphite lithium-ion cells. Electrical impedance spectroscopy as well as destructive techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy will be used to aid her investigation.


Greta is a final year materials science student studying at The Queens College. She is completing her master's year research project in Robert Weatherup’s group. In the summer of 2019 she completed a FUSE internship sponsored by the Faraday Institution, where she worked in Mauro Pasta’s group in Oxford researching the solid-state battery material LLZTO. Presenting her research poster at the Faraday conference led to a virtual internship in the summer of 2020 with the early-stage start-up Breathe Battery Technologies. In her spare time she enjoys playing football for Headington Ladies and getting involved in the entrepreneurial scene in Oxford.





The Queens College,

High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AW