Fabian Bourdeaux

Fabian Bourdeaux

Applications of quantum effects at nano scale for macroscale properties. As a part of this project, I will be creating Nanoparticles using Magnetron sputtering Gas aggregation for use in the catalysis of the Hydrogen evolution reaction. This will include looking for size effects as well as compositional & morphological effects of the nanoparticles on the effectiveness of materials for use in the HER.

Fabian is a 4th Year Materials science student at St Anne’s college. Under a scheme from the Henry Royce institute, he interned in the Weatherup group in the summer of 2022 helping set up the nanoparticle deposition system being used now. In his free time he enjoys going running, playing guitar, and acting.







Rex Richards Building, Department of Materials,
University of Oxford, 
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3RQ, UK