Conor Phelan

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Conor has a keen interest in rechargeable batteries as well as understanding the electrochemistry theory behind them. Conor's undergraduate final year project investigated the suitability of Titanium Carbide (Ti3C2Tx) as an alternative negative electrode material to graphite in lithium ion batteries. This project involved the use of techniques such as Liquid Exfoliation, XRD, Cyclic Voltammetry and C-rate testing. Conor also has a keen interest in the potential uses of batteries for electric vehicles and grid storage applications such as Dynamic Fast Frequency Response (DFFR) and energy arbitrage in the day head, intra-day and balancing mechanism markets. He is a Python enthusiast and is always looking for ways to apply it to his research.


Conor joined he group in October 2020 to investigate the electrode-electrolyte interfaces in rechargeable Alkali-Ion batteries. He obtained a degree in Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from Trinity College Dublin. Conor grew up in Dublin and his sporting interests include football, hurling and rugby. He was a member of Dublin University Boat Club (DUBC) at Trinity college Dublin during his undergraduate degree.





Department of Materials, University of Oxford


Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH