Catherine Kohler

Catherine Kohler

Catie joined the group in 2023 as a DPhil student. Her project aims to explore the composition of the battery electrolyte impacts on performance, such as electrochemical stability window and chemical compatibility with battery electrode materials. This research will involve studying the solid-electrolyte interface using a range of different techniques and approaches. The aim of this work will be to further the understanding of battery degradation to assist with the development of more sustainable batteries. Catie has a broad interest in battery science research and hopes to involved in outreach projects for materials science and battery technology to promote interest in sustainability in STEM.


In 2023, Catie graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MEng in Materials Science and Engineering. Her final year research project focused on the influence of counterions on biotemplating layered transition metal oxide nanowires for potential cathode application. Catie previously took part in the Faraday Undergraduate Student Experience (FUSE) with FutureCat to create educational resources for students. Her integrated masters offered an accredited industrial placement, where she worked at Exawatt Ltd as a Research Analyst. During her time in Sheffield, she picked up a keen interest in climbing and spent many weekends exploring the Peak district.





Department of Materials, University of Oxford

Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH