Boruch Epstein

boruch epstein photo

Boruch’s project attempts to understand 2D transition metal dichalcogenide electrocatalysts, using a mixture of theoretical and lab-based methods. The eventual aim is to understand these materials well enough to permit computer-aided rational design of 2D electrocatalysts.

Boruch is particularly interested in the points at which systems interact, be that computational and practical, or solid and liquid. Boruch also has interests in catalysis, electrochemistry and solid state chemistry. Tangential interests include superconductivity and the chemistry of rocketry.

Boruch completed his MChem in the University of Manchester, studying Chemistry. His previous research experience is in the Popelier group and Walton group, both in Manchester.

Boruch dabbles in programming and anything computer related. He is also a committed bibliophile and can be easily waylaid by a strategically placed book. Boruch is aware of both outdoors and sport, and one day intends to experience both.






Rex Richards Building, Department of Materials,
University of Oxford, 
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3RQ, UK