Inspiring people: Watch Namu's Film about her research experience

Inspiring people: Namrata Ramesh's film

Namu Ramesh

"There are so many ways to embody this role.  There is no one way to be a scientist.  There is no one way to be a physicist; and that goes beyond gender, it goes beyond sexuality and race and interests and lifestyle. 

All of those things should not be the limiting factor to be in science - the limiting factor is 'do you enjoy what you do?  Does this fill you with purpose?'  
                                                                                                                       Namrata Ramesh

We were delighted to see that Namu has been featured in the latest edition of the MPLS Newsletter, which promotes her film released as part of the celebrations of International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

The film is part of a series on people within Division who are inspiring others.  In the film Namu explains that her fascination during childhood with the complex physics of stars and galaxies inspired her to begin her Materials Science career.  She realised she could "tickle my brain intellectually, but do it in a system that could have massive implications for how we live in our day-to-day lives; how we can live more sustainably on the planet".

Namu also comments on how established stereotypes of what a scientist looks like made her undergraduate years challenging, but that as her studies progressed she benefitted from strong female mentors.  

Watch Namu's film on YouTube